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Local Destination Management Plan for Punta Santiago

In February 2017, FPR published the paper “Visitor Economy: governance and destination management”, where we analyzed the different elements that make up a tourism destination and the different governance structures to manage it. In the research, we highlight several observations about the challenges within each element of the destination in Puerto Rico and recommend a framework for destination management and development. During this period, FPR urged several key stakeholders at the national level to begin a destination planning exercise using the suggested framework. As a result of these efforts, several key players in the Visitor Economy ecosystem joined in a coalition with FPR to work on a national destination plan for Puerto Rico.

In terms of the Bottom Up Destination Recovery Initiative, FPR wanted to apply the recommended national framework at the community level. Therefore, FPR’s program design team adopted concepts from several traditional destination planning models, community planning initiatives in Puerto Rico, and economic development programs through tourism assets internationally. The result was a customized proprietary framework that could work in Puerto Rico’s communities. First, FPR managed the co-creation of a local destination plan with the community of Orocovis as a pilot project before moving on to work with the community of Punta Santiago, Humacao.

The present document, Local Destination Management Plan for Punta Santiago, is the result of a co-design process in which the local leaders of Punta Santiago, Humacao, through a process facilitated by FPR, established the strategies and projects that will contribute to the development of the tourist destination for the next two years. It presents a statement of purpose shared and agreed upon by a group of key stakeholders in the destination community. It defines the ways in which the destination should develop over a given period of time, in addition to establishing roles, responsibilities and concrete actions to be carried out by key stakeholders in order to increase tourism activity in a sustainable manner and in accordance with the vision adopted by the residents of the community.

The destination plan is only currently available in Spanish. 

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