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Foundation for Puerto Rico (FPR) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that seeks to unleash Puerto Rico’s potential in the global economy, so more people can live, visit, work, and invest in our beautiful island. Our targeted economic development and resilience programs work hand in hand with our community partners, providing resources, training, funding, and networks that improve the local economy from within. 

We go from knowledge to action, combining innovative, data-driven thinking with strong field-based work. We’ve supported over 1,000 small businesses and collaborated with over 500 local and national NGOs. Our mission control runs out of El Colaboratorio in the heart of Santurce, a space designed to foster collaboration, sharing new ideas, and creating synergies among other NGOs—all united by the goal of transforming Puerto Rico.

Our motto, “there is no future in rebuilding the past,” reflects our transformative vision and dream for the future of our island: a prosperous Puerto Rico that unleashes the talent, creativity, and passion of its people.

We count with a first-class team of talented, passionate, and dedicated changemakers, who – along with our network of partners, sponsors, and in-kind volunteers – work together for a better Puerto Rico.
Our collaborative approach to problem-solving is what’s made us a trusted and reliable partner and recipient of a number of prestigious federal and public grants from entities such as the USDA Rural Development Agency, the US Economic Development Agency, the Kauffman Foundation, and the Department of Housing and Urban Development. Support from these partners allows us to operate our programs with the highest compliance standards.

our Mission

Transforming Puerto Rico’s economy to be thriving and sustainable.

our Vision

A prosperous Puerto Rico that unleashes the talent, creativity, and passion of its people.

With help from people like you, we can change the strategic direction of Puerto Rico’s socioeconomic development, revitalize our most treasured assets, and change lives in the process. 

A better future for Puerto Rico is in our hands. Here’s how we plan to drive impact to benefit our most underserved communities:

A prosperous Puerto Rico requires a bold and innovative approach that follows many pathways. For the past decade, we’ve been working to build a strong foundation of support for this approach, engaging and partnering with stakeholders across Puerto Rico, from government to business to academia to communities. Our strong community presence across the island and our game-changing programmatic interventions have allowed us to move from the grassroots to the grass-tops while our collaborative approach with leaders and policymakers – from San Juan to D.C. – has helped scale up our impact to transform Puerto Rico’s socio-economic development.

From the inside out, we accelerate transformation through innovation, collaboration, and action, so Puerto Ricans can own their future and thrive. The three areas where we are driving transformational impact include: Visitor Economy & Community Empowerment, Resiliency & Infrastructure, and Education & Leadership Training.

Our core principles include

Transformational impact through innovation

The power of ideas

Corage to challenge the status quo

Community and collaboration

empowering people

Puerto Rico’s future success depends on innovative thinking that connects the dots, accelerates growth, and creates tangible benefits for all.

Ideas have unlimited power: We need to find promising ideas, wherever they lie. We need to identify and understand the potential for our progress embodied within them. We then need the determination to test, challenge, champion, and nurture them so that potential can be realized.

We must dare to examine existing paradigms that impede progress and develop bold, transformative paths forward to success and prosperity.

Collaborations that yield strong connections and a sense of belonging will lead to lasting solutions that help out communities flourish.

Each individual has unlimited potential and can contribute something unique that can help make our island and its communities better.

Transformational impact through innovation

Puerto Rico’s future success depends on innovative thinking that connects the dots, accelerates growth, and creates tangible benefits for all.

The power of ideas

Ideas have unlimited power: We need to find promising ideas, wherever they lie. We need to identify and understand the potential for our progress embodied within them. We then need the determination to test, challenge, champion, and nurture them so that potential can be realized.

Corage to challenge the status quo

We must dare to examine existing paradigms that impede progress and develop bold, transformative paths forward to success and prosperity.

Community and collaboration

Collaborations that yield strong connections and a sense of belonging will lead to lasting solutions that help out communities flourish.

empowering people

Each individual has unlimited potential and can contribute something unique that can help make our island and its communities better.



FPR was founded with the goal of becoming a thought leader in the economic development of Puerto Rico.
Established a think tank unit focused on research, public policy and coalition building.
Created the first mission-driven incubator in Puerto Rico – El Colaboratorio (“laboratory of collaboration”) to house, support, and grow Puerto Rico’s NGO ecosystem.
Developed working plans that created a local DMO (Destination Marketing Organization) as a recognized worldwide tourism best practice.
In the aftermath of Hurricanes Irma and María, we opened the doors to El Colaboratorio, housed over 180 organizations, and launched over 250 relief missions.
Designed, piloted, and funded the Bottom Up Destination Recovery Initiative. Chosen by the PRDOH to lead the Whole Community Resiliency Program (WCRP)
Received a historic grant from the prestigious Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation to launch Emprende360° - an innovative small business incubation initiative.
Reactivated the Small Business Support Program for earthquake victims; published the Biological Border proposal for COVID-19; launched over 50 webinars to support small businesses.
Launched the Center for Strategic Innovation to provide Puerto Rico with a robust capability to identify and determine the viability of high impact opportunities for transformation.



Jon Borschow

Chairman & Chief Executive Officer
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Damaris Ocasio

Chief Financial Officer
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Alma Frontera

Vice President of Operations & Programs
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Alexandra Lúgaro

Executive Director, Center for Strategic Innovation
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Soledad Gaztambide

Senior Program Officer
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Michelle Torres

Community Planning Director
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Ana Puig

Finance and Accounting Manager
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Andrea Castro

Grants Manager
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Anneliz Oliver

Program Manager
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Arleen Stewart

Development Coordinator
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Carla Martorell

Communications Manager
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Carmen Villanueva

Stakeholder & Outreach Coordinator
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Christian López

Program Manager
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Francis Pérez

Research & Analysis Manager
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Hagmel Vega Fontánez

Program Facilitator

Hazel Garay

Financial Analysts
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Jean M. Charlois

Program Facilitator
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Keila M. Pagán Hernández

Colaboratorio Ambassador & Receptionist
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Kevin O. Pérez

Procurement Officer
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Lourdes Pérez

Community Planning Lead
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Luis A. Laguna

Marketing & Production Manager
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Luz Rodríguez

Grant and Compliance Manager
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Mariany González

Operations & Staff Development Lead
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Marie Ann González

Volunteer Program and Administrative Support Coordinator
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Marisa Rivera

Data Analyst
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Maximiliano Laguna

Web Developer & Designer
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Pedro Vélez

Compliance Officer - Internal Auditor
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Rafael Merced

Accounting Coordinator
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Ramón Quiñones

Project Manager
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Verónica Montalvo

Procurement Associate
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Yanira Rivera Ramos

Center for Strategic Innovation Manager
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Jon Borschow

Chairman & Chief Executive Officer
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Graciela Eleta

Vice Chairwoman

Ramón Mellado


President at Electra Corporation

Ingrid Rivera


Founder & President, Rove Consulting

Alexander Borschow


Managing Partner at Semillero Ventures

Annie Mayol

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Juan Antonio Ramos


CFO & Strategic Planning Director at Best Option Healthcare

Juan Sabater


Valor Equity Partner

Kathryn Wylde

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Milton Cruz


Chairman & CEO at Insignia Senior Living

Rafael Ortiz


Managing Director at Moonsail Capital

Ronald Castro


Principal & Chief Strategist at Roca Marketing

Zulmarie Urrutia-vélez

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Jon Borschow, Chairman & Executive Chief Officer

Jon Borschow was born and raised in Puerto Rico. After graduating from M.I.T. with a degree in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Jon returned to Puerto Rico to support the growth of his family’s Health business. He led this company for the next 30 years, employing hundreds of employees during that time. In 2008, the company was acquired by Cardinal Health. Today, the company is the leading healthcare distribution company in Puerto Rico with over 500 employees – the largest distribution business in Puerto Rico. Jon remained as CEO of the Puerto Rico business until his retirement in 2011. That year, Jon founded Foundation for Puerto Rico.

Jon has also given back to the community by serving on the boards of directors of hospitals, schools, charities, religious organizations, research foundations, resident associations, and insurance companies. Among the more recent charities that Jon has chaired are the Puerto Rico chapter of The United Jewish Appeal and the Puerto Rico Holocaust Memorial.

In addition to giving his time freely to these causes, Jon has donated to various charities including La Perla de Gran Precio, a home for homeless, drug addicted women infected with AIDS and for their children. Jon is a major philanthropic giver. At MIT, he has endowed a needs-based undergraduate scholarship for students from Puerto Rico. In 2011, he expanded his relationship with MIT to include a multi-million dollar investment in the MIT Puerto Rico Economic Project to develop a new strategy for growth for Puerto Rico involving the MIT Center for International Studies, The MIT Community Laboratory, The MIT Political Science Department, the Sloan School of Management, and the Puerto Rico Center for a New Economy. In 2011, Jon established the Foundation for Puerto Rico to focus on high impact catalytic philanthropy to support these goals.

Damaris Ocasio, Chief Financial Officer

Ms. Ocasio is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and holds a B.A. in Business Administration.  With over 25 years of experience in highly regulated environments, including the healthcare and nonprofit sector, she has been responsible for the design and implementation of processes and procedures to strengthen organizational compliance with federal and local regulations. Her knowledge includes areas such as operations, finance, human resources, business development, vendors and customer relations, distributions, internal audit, complex project management, as well as success translating strategies into maximum benefits commensurate with the best interest of stakeholders, customers, employees, and the public.


With two decades of experience in production, logistics and project management, Alma has worked for companies such as Hilton, SMG (Coliseo de Puerto Rico) and Univision, producing, rebranding and creating new businesses while managing premium clientele. Alma has worked with a wide range of brands and companies throughout her agency journey including Coca Cola, Sony, Wrigley and Peroni Brewery.

After hurricanes Irma and Maria decimated the Caribbean, Alma switched gears and decided to focus and dedicate her work to the recovery and rebuilding of the islands. Wanting to contribute more to the community and Puerto Rico’s economic development, Alma joined Foundation for Puerto Rico, alongside an amazing team of dedicated professionals, to ensure continuance of the impactful initiatives steered by Island Relief.

Alma manages funds and is hand-on to ensure successful execution. She led the organization’s on-the-ground relief efforts, including over 230 missions islandwide and the distribution of $2+M in immediate aid. As Director of Economic Development Programs at FPR, Alma ensured the implementation of our portfolio of programs and managed more than $10M of private and federal funds while building an exceptional empowered team of 30. After working alongside Secretary Cidre at the Economic Development and Commerce Department, Alma returned to FPR to continue pushing forward its impact and presence around the Island by designing new structures such as the Field Engine.    

Alma is an executive member of the Board of Directors of Women Empowered (WE), member of the Advisory Board for the Kingbird Innovation Center at SUAGM, and former executive member of the Board of Directors of the YMCA in San Juan. Avid believer and promoter of women in the business sector and sports industry, Alma’s is passionate about improving and raising awareness on gender and equality. Her favorite topics: the importance of mentors, Millennials in the workforce and people development. She is a former local sports analyst looking to inspire young girls to become whomever they want to be.  

Alma is a graduate of the University of Puerto Rico, an Aspen Institute fellow, former instructor in NSLC programs at American University (Communications, Sports Broadcasting, and National Security) and UC Berkley (Marketing, Advertising and Public Relations), high school teacher, and cheerleading coach. 

Alexandra Lúgaro

Alexandra Lúgaro is a lawyer and businesswoman born on June 10, 1981 in San Juan, Puerto Rico. She graduated from the High School of the University of Puerto Rico at the age of 15 and which time she was admitted to the Río Piedras Campus of said university, where she earned her Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration with triple concentration in Finance, Marketing and Economics and subsequently her Juris Doctor. In 2014, she completed her Masters of Laws (LL.M.) degree in Comparative Law at Universidad Complutense, Madrid, Spain.

For more than a decade she served as Executive Director of America Aponte and Associates Corp. and The Metropolitan New School of America, leading dozens of educational projects, managing succesfully over $46 million in federal and state funds and improving academic achievement in over 500 schools in Puerto Rico.

Faced with the notable deterioration in the social, economic and educational frameworks of the island, in 2016, Alexandra Lúgaro aspired to the governorship of Puerto Rico as an independent candidate, becoming the third largest political force in the territory’s history.

In 2017, she founded the School of the Future, a non-profit organization whose purpose is to offer non-traditional education aimed at the social and economic formation of those who will lead a more just, equitable and self-sustainable Puerto Rico.

During the following years, Lúgaro provided strategic business counseling to multiple companies and individuals in Puerto Rico. Later, in 2020, she became the gubernatorial candidate for Movimiento Victoria Ciudadana. Recently, Lúgaro announced her retirement from electoral politics in Puerto Rico.

With more than 7 years of experience with public policy and her background in project management and business, Lúgaro will now serve as Executive Director and Policy Leader of the Center for Strategic Innovation of Foundation for Puerto Rico.

Soledad Gaztambide Arandes, Senior Program Officer

Ms. Gaztambide Arandes holds a B.A. in Geography and Anthropology, and an M.A. in Urban and Environmental Policy and Planning. With almost 20 years of professional experience, Soledad is an environmental management professional skilled in project/program coordination and management, advocacy, alliance building, environmental awareness, stakeholder engagement, policy analysis, with a demonstrated history of working in governmental and non-profit organization sectors.

She is currently FPR’s Senior Program Officer for the Whole Communities Resilience Program, a planning program which is part of the Puerto Rico Department of Housing CBDG Disaster Recovery funding to address the impacts of Hurricanes Irma and Maria in 2017. Ms. Gaztambide is currently supervising the development and timely completion of a risk and vulnerability data dashboard and community education component. She has extensive experience in policy and government relations in the environmental field, as well as public engagement to raise awareness and funding for key initiatives related to conservation and management of protected areas, among other areas of expertise.

Orneliz Michelle Torres, Community Planning Director

Mrs. Torres holds a BA in Environmental Design (Architecture), a Master in Architecture from McGill University in Canada and a second Master in Arts (Creative Writing in Spanish) from the University of the Sacred Heart in San Juan. She has led multiple community planning efforts in fifteen municipalities around the island through three federal funded projects. After beginning her work at FPR as an intern through the Mentes Puertorriqueñas en Acción’s youth leadership program in the summer of 2016, she became the supervisor of six AmeriCorps volunteers who supported community leaders from Santurce in a participatory mapping process. A year later, in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria, she became Program Manager for the Bottom Up Destination Recovery Initiative. In this process Torres led a multisectoral and participatory process for the publication of 14 destination plans.

During 2020, Mrs. Torres was awarded a scholarship for the NALCAB Pete Garcia Fellowship program where she exchanged professional experiences with other NGOs and Latino leaders in the US. In 2021 she has continued her professional growth by completing the course Project Management Fundamentals & Practice in preparation for the PMP certification. Most recently, Mrs. Torres began working as Community Planning Director with the rural community of Cubuy in Naguabo under a cooperative agreement with the USDA Rural Development.

Ana M. Puig Rivera, Finance and Accounting Manager

Ms. Puig holds a B.B.A. and MBA in Accounting, with over 15 years of experience in Non-Profit and Governmental Accounting and Budgeting design and management and has been FPR’s Finance and Accounting Manager and Budget Officer since 2019. For the past three years in the organization, along with supervising 4 team members, she has designed and executed FPR’s Annual Budget Templates and budgeting process, as well as the federal billing process for the following federal programs: USDA Rural Development, EDA, and HUD’s CDBG-DR Whole Community Resilience Planning Program, that has resulted in over $2 million of successful invoicing over the past two years. 

Under her leadership FPR successfully passed its first Single Audit in 2019 and the most recent Single Audit in 2020.  Along with the FPR’s Finance and Accounting Team, she successfully designed and implemented a new Accounting ERP System and supported and collaborated with the first approved organizational Negotiated Indirect Cost Rate with a federal cognizant agency. Ms. Puig collaborates with FPR’s Compliance, Procurement, and Development departments, designing federal, public, and private grants budget and processes. She holds a Yellow Belt Lean Sigma Certification, along with Fidelis’ iSupervise Certi Certification, and is proficient in various accounting ERP’s such as SAGE, Oracle, Blackbaud, and others.

Andrea Castro, Grants Manager

Ms. Castro has a BA in Business Administration with a concentration in Supply Chain Operations and Statistics, and a MA of Public Administration. Her final research project was focused on non-for-profit federal fund management capabilities and requirements. She has over 3 years of experience managing federal, state, and private grants and programs.

As FPRs Grant Manager she has provided administrative, fiscal, and compliance support to the following programs: Bottom Up Destination Recovery Initiative, Community Navigator Pilot Program, [re]Activa-Small Business Recovery Support Program, Rural Placemaking Innovation Challenge, Community Leadership Academy, among other private and state grants. Ms. Castro, through her 3-year experience, has overseen 12 AmeriCorps State members from two operating sites, leveraged volunteers’ skills to support operational tasks as well as providing development experiences to students, has led/directed various youth camps, and facilitated and worked hand in hand with entrepreneurs to establish their businesses.

Anneliz Oliver, Program Manager

Ms. Oliver holds a BS in Psychology and completed graduate courses and practice in Clinical Psychology. She led small business and community development support programs and community outreach initiatives in Foundation for Puerto Rico (FPR) for the past four years. She has extensive experience in project management, ensuring timely and effective completion of deliverables, outcomes and compliance.

Ms. Oliver designs and oversees program evaluation and measurements, and implements strategic improvements to address challenges and achieve targets. She is skilled in stakeholder management, particularly in collaborative and participatory design. She led Island Relief efforts after Hurricanes Maria and Irma in 2017, overseeing the logistics and the successful deployment of water filters, impacting 200+ elderly homes and 90+ communities across the island. She successfully led project coordination for the Bottom Up Destination Recovery Initiative pilots in Humacao and Orocovis, which were scaled to an additional 12 municipalities with EDA and private funding. She delivered programming and direct services that strengthened community-driven initiatives to promote resilience, and social-economic development by fostering collaborative relationships between individuals, non-profits, private and public sector. She has also collaborated with small businesses, community-based organizations and government officials to implement an asset-based community development initiatives for their visitor economy sector while strengthening entrepreneurship and social capital. She led earthquake relief efforts through the management of the Small Business Support Program, which provided cash grants and technical assistance to small businesses in Ponce and Guánica severely affected by the tremors of 2020. She served as Program Manager for the Emprende360, an innovative multi-stage business incubation model, executed with the leading organizations in the sector – a model that led to the selection of FPR as the only grantee in Puerto Rico selected to deploy SBA’s Community Navigator Pilot Program.

She now serves as Program Manager for Puerto Rico’s Community Navigator Pilot program, designing and executing a multi-stage business development model alongside leading organizations, to provide access to recovery and relief resources through technical assistance and access to capital. Ms. Oliver’s skills include project design, logistics, coordination and management, grant management, stakeholder management and collaborative/participatory design.

Arleen Stewart, Development Coordinator

Ms. Stewart holds a BA in Production and Marketing of Special Events. Ms. Stewart also possesses over 15 years of experience in production coordination and management for multiple special event companies. In her role at Foundation for Puerto Rico (FPR), Ms. Stewart uses her skills and experience to collaborates with the strategy and implementation of all Business Development and Fundraising activities within the organization to drive donor awareness and engagement. During her experience in El Trotamundos, Ms. Stewart conducted meetings with staff and coordinated the work of the stage crew to ensure production objectives were attained, giving her goal-setting abilities used in FPR to reach revenue targets. At Atención Atención, one of Ms. Stewart’s main responsibilities was to ensure all rider requirements were met and payment recollections were accurate, which relates to her FPR role of processing and managing donations. Ms. Stewart is a vital FPR team member to manage current donor processes and reach engagement of new donor prospects, adding value by using skills obtained during her vast experience on events production management.

Carla Martorell Colón, Communications Manager

Carla Martorell Colón is an experienced Communicator and public relations professional. She possesses a BA in Communications and Journalism. She started her professional career as an editor for the number one radio news station on the island WKAQ. Following this professional opportunity, she further developed her skills as a communicator, landing a position as both producer for a radio talk show and news reporter. After 6 years working in news, she became the Treasury Department Press Office Dircetor, changing her career path to public relations. During the 5 years that she directed the communications office at the Treasury Department, she managed several communications crises, like the implementation of the local sales tax in 2007.

After 5 years in the government, Martorell accepted a position in the private sector as a Senior Account Executive in Comstat Rowland, a highly prestigious public relations firm in Puerto Rico, where she managed accounts like Toyota, Microsoft, British Airways, Nokia, among others. Later, she started as Public Relations Director in JMD Communications, overseeing all PR accounts, crisis management, social media content and new business acquisitions. Martorell joined Foundation for Puerto Rico in January 2020, following her desire to work for the third sector and for the wellbeing of her island.

Carmen Villanueva, Steakholder and Outreach Coordinator

Mrs. Villanueva holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Arts, with concentrations in Accounting and Economy and a Master’s Degree in Finance and Accounting. Mrs. Villanueva also possesses certifications in Fraud Examination and as an International Client Service Facilitator. In addition, Mrs. Villanueva has distinguished as member of multiple Associations, including but not limiting to being Spokesperson of Puerto Rico movement for Decent Housing, President and Community Leader of the #9 Community Board Territorial Ordinance, Institute of Internal Audit, Executive Committee of CDBG-DR funds monitoring of State Housing Department, advisory member of the Department of Education and the Department of Recreation and Sports of Puerto Rico.  For almost two (2) decades at Popular Inc., Mrs. Villanueva served from platform official to Senior Fraud Examinator Auditor and Officer of Norms & Procedures. In 2002, she received the opportunity of working as Coordinator of the CEDICE Economic and Social Development project, providing education and close accompaniment to communities with economic and social disadvantages. 

Mrs. Villanueva then moved to serve as Academic Director in the CASA project of Toa Baja to provide education for young people unable to complete High School Diploma, as the Finance & Administrative Manager responsible for the whole financial and fiscal compliance operations of Buena Vista Group, Inc., Collections Manager for Legal Credit Solution, Inc., and community liaison for Firm, United and Resilient with Advocacy (FURIA) Inc., with the mission to foster education and protection of human rights to communities through participative advocacy. Thanks to her strong experience and demonstrated special connection with communities, Mrs. Villanueva continues to create positive social impact through her role in FPR, being an instrumental resource for successfully identifying opportunities to expand strategic outreach of the WCRP program and highlighting fundamental elements to strengthen the most vulnerable communities of Puerto Rico.

Christian López-Camacho, Program Manager

Christian holds a B.A. in Geography and an M.A. in History of Puerto Rico and the Caribbean. He has been a project manager at Foundation for Puerto Rico (FPR) since 2017, supervising more than 10 team members, and assisting with compliance, performance, development, and execution of various revitalization projects. Mr. López has extensive experience in ensuring program deliverables are completed on time and work plans executed. Mr. López was key to the development, management, and implementation of FPR’s Bottom-Up Destination Recovery Initiative which had an initial $1 million investment for the recovery phase of rural communities in Orocovis and Humacao, Puerto Rico after Hurricanes Maria and Irma in 2017.  He was also a key figure in the guidance of these initial pilots.

He was also in charge of two major revitalization projects for FPR, one in the Guajataca Tunnel and one at Luquillo Beach, better known as “Mar Sin Barreras”. Considered a force to be reckoned with at FPR, Mr. Lopez is emphatic, talented, energetic, and motivated. He is a reputable professional with experience in scientific and social research, statistical analysis, and educational services. Additionally, Christian is a part of the School of Arts, Design, and Creative Industries at Sagrado Corazon University Faculty, where he is empowering young minds in the art of designing and developing experiences.

Francis Pérez, Research Manager

Program Manager at Foundation for Puerto Rico since 2016. Francis has a BA in Finance. He is currently part of the Center of Innovation team, managing several projects and programs that seek to improve the visibility of our island’s assets globally, with the goal of inspiring more travelers to visit, explore our geography, and increase the economic activity of our communities.

Prior to joining FPR, he worked for GE Capital’s Risk Management Program as a financial analyst where he completed two rotations, one in financial model validation and governance in Connecticut, and the second in cash flow underwriting working on $10MM to $500MM loans for procurement deals supported by private investment firms at Bethesda, MD. While working for GE Capital he had the opportunity to be part of the team that oversaw the sale of the equipment financing division in the Federal District of Mexico. Later, he moved back to Puerto Rico where he worked with Champlain Advisors, a boutique placement agent and financial advisory firm, focusing on the areas of project management, market research, deal analysis, and CRM management.

Hazel R. Garay Vazquez, Accounting Coordinator

Ms. Garay holds a BBA in Accounting and a minor in Finance and has 5-years of experience in general accounting and the accounting cycle for non-profit and retail industries. Dring this period she has gained experience in managing inventory, customer services and retail general accounting. She joined Foundation for Puerto Rico (FPR) in 2019, and for the past 3 years has executed roles such as payroll accountant, accounts payable, preparing and assisting with federal billing process, receivables accountant and fiscal sponsorship accountant.

Ms. Garay current occupies the accounting coordinator position. Along with the Finance and Accounting Team, she successfully designed and implemented a new accounting and Payroll ERP. Also collaborated on the first successful single Audit in 2019 and the next Single Audit in 2020 and assists with gathering information as needed for the annual tax filling. Ms. Garay assists the Finance and Accounting manager on monthly closing accounting procedures such as Bank account reconciliations, holding bank account reconciliation, journal entries preparation, SEFA report updates and assist on Financial Statement preparation. She holds a Yellow Belt certification in Lean Six Sigma and is proficient in various accounting ERP’s such as Sage, Peachtree, QuickBooks and Blackbaud.

Jean-Manuel Charlois, Regional Community Planning Associate

Mr. Charlois holds a B.A. in Communication’s Sciences and a M.A. on Planning with special interest on community planning, participatory processes, and knowledge development for effective – horizontal participation and just relations.

As part of the Planning Team, Charlois has helped develop WCRP’s tools and processes, particularly supporting the development of the Education Strategy designed to provide guidance to communities, subrecipients and vendors during the implementation of the Planning Framework. He is in charge of the development of different education and support materials such as the Resiliency Snapshots and the script’s development of the video capsules contained in the Education Strategy.  With 19 years’ experience developing, directing, and editing award winning documentaries and Scientific TV Series, Jean provides Foundation for Puerto Rico (FPR) with solid assessment in developing media content for educative, documentary and marketing purposes. His background as a professor and designing community workshops helps FPR in the development of technical assistance for communities and small businesses. Mr. Charlois sees FPR as a strong ally of those communities’ providing expertise and technical production support as well as potential repository for multipurpose audiovisual material.

Keila Pagán, Colaboratorio Ambassador & Receptionist

Ms. Pagán worked on a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice and is currently enrolled in College courses. Ms. Pagán began working at Banco Popular de Puerto Rico for approximately five (5) years, where she served as “Bank Teller” and “Head Teller” in charge of the cash registers of the branch. Ms. Pagán also worked at Telecontacto for eleven (11) years as the company’s Administrative Assistant and Personal Assistant to the company owner. In Telecontacto, Ms. Pagán provided key support to several departments such as Human Resources, Accounting and to the physical plant. During her work experience, Ms. Pagán obtained the opportunity of working in the development of programs and activities for employees, as well as staff recruitment work, coordination of services, preparation of presentations for clients, offering enrollment services for lawyers in continued education and services in the purchasing department, among other relevant functions. During her work experience, Ms. Pagán has gained crucial skills to successfully perform her role at FPR as the Colaboratorio Ambassador and Receptionist, supporting the operations of FPR facilities by offering superior customer service, well-organized coordination of space rentals on the premises, a safe environment through health and safety protocols, and administrative assistance to the leadership team. Ms. Pagán currently continues to strengthen her all-around operational skills through teamwork, protocol compliance, staff support and everything needed to maintain good standards of facility operations.

Kevin Pérez, Procurement Officer

Mr. Pérez holds a BA in Material Management and is a Certified Supply Chain Professional and a Certified Quality Auditor. In his role at FPR, Mr. Pérez works the federal purchases of different programs such as EDA and WCRP, in addition to keeping the SOPs in force and with the necessary controls to be in compliance. Mr. Pérez also manages the activities of the Procurement Associate and maintains continuous flow of purchases for FPR operations. Some of his additional projects are audit, monitoring and continuous improvement functions to ensure good documentation practices and all the requirements set forth in CFR 200 and other federal regulations. These projects work on a wide variety of procurement types from community planning to business resilience products. Among the programs are handled millionaire sums of money which must be disbursed prudently and following all federal statutes. Operations also include maintaining a good implementation of keeping records of all documents, both physical and digital. Assistance is also provided for the creation of documents such as scope of work and cost estimates for procurement processes.

Lourdes Pérez Medina, Community Planning Lead

Ms. Pérez-Medina holds a M.S. degree in City and Regional Planning and a professional B.A. degree in Architecture. Currently, she leads the planning team for FPR’s Whole Community Resilience Planning Program. As the Community Planning Lead, she has successfully managed a team of four planners, the development of a comprehensive community resilience planning framework, and an education component centered on themes such as resilience, participatory planning, just relationships, and community advocacy.

Prior to joining FPR, Lourdes worked with several grassroots community-based organizations in both NYC and Puerto Rico across various climate justice, environmental justice and housing accessibility projects and initiatives. As the Climate Justice Policy and Programs Coordinator at UPROSE –a community-based organization in Sunset Park, Brooklyn—she had the opportunity to coordinate the Climate Justice Alliance’s northeast regional hub around the Transportation and Climate Initiative, the development of NY’s first community-owned solar cooperative, and a community-led re-zoning proposal for a climate-adaptive industrial waterfront. Lourdes’s passion and professional core is rooted on social justice values, and equitable, sustainable, and climate-adaptive development.

Luz B. Rodríguez-Santiago, Grant and Compliance Manager

Ms. Rodríguez-Santiago holds a J.D., as well as a MA in Public Administration, majoring in Fiscal Policy and Administration. She is a National Grants Management Association member, preparing to take the Certified Grants Management Specialist exam. As an attorney and grant management professional, she has a history of working and volunteering in the public and nonprofit sector. She is highly skilled in grants management and, federal standards and regulations, including the Uniform Guidance 2 CFR Part 200.

With more than 15 years of experience working with the Puerto Rico Government, in the Office of Management and Budget, the Department of Justice and the University of Puerto Rico, Ms. Rodríguez currently serves as the Grant and Compliance Manager for the Whole Community Resilience Planning Program. Her volunteer work includes providing disaster response and rebuilding of homes damaged by Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico with Nechama Jewish Response to Disaster, supporting Taller Comunitario La Goyco, Inc., and Chelonia, a non-profit dedicated to the conservation, recovery and education of sea turtles and their habitat in Puerto Rico.

Mariany Liz González Figueroa, Operations & Staff Development Lead

Mariany holds a BA in Travel, Tourism & Hospitality Management and an MA in Digital Marketing from National University. She is currently working towards a second MA degree in Human Resources from the Interamerican University in Puerto Rico. For the past 4 years, she has had the opportunity to develop her skills in different areas of the organization, having the responsibility to coordinate workshops about the importance of digital presence for business owners, proposal drafting to offer services and workshops to Walmart and Sam’s Club clients as part of the VIEWPR program.

Currently as Operations and Staff Development Lead, she is responsible for the maintenances of El Colaboratorio, including contractor management, office and meeting space rentals, and IT management with the assistance of a service provider. As part of the Human Resources team, Mariany is also responsible for the professional development of all of Foundation for Puerto Rico’s team members by developing and implementing a learning plan.  She also collaborates with the onboarding and offboarding process of all team members.

Marie Ann Gonzaléz Laboy, Volunteer Program and Administrative Support Coordinator

Marie Ann Gonzalez Laboy has a MA in Social Work Direct Services. She is licensed to work with all populations, especially with vulnerable and disadvantaged groups. She has experience working with survivors of domestic violence and investigating cases of abuse according to law 246 “Child abuse law”. Marie Ann has also worked managing cases with a religious based organization (REHACE) in the recovery of Puerto Rican families after the hurricane Maria in the Eastern Region of the island. This experience opened the opportunity for her to work with the Whole Resilience Planning Program in Foundation for Puerto Rico.

The experience working with various communities and outreach activities provided an opportunity for the development of community tools, guides and manuals that promote and support the active participation of the communities in all matters that concern them.  She has developed and has participated in different types of outreach efforts with communities, organizations, and municipalities to promote applications for the WCRP program, in an effort to involve communities and all sectors to position Puerto Rico in a better place to face disasters and any other events.

Marisa Rivera, Data Analyst

Marisa Rivera has studies in Environmental Sciences, Geography, and Planning.  As Data Analyst for the Whole Community Resilience Planning Program, Ms. Rivera was responsible for developing all supporting tools provided by the program, including Social Capital and Risk & Vulnerability Indicators Story Maps, which display valuable information regarding social capital assets and vulnerability indicators in six thematic areas (Economic Development, Housing, Infrastructure, Environment, Education, and Health), respectively, as well as a Risk & Vulnerability Dashboard.  Ms. Rivera’s passion for place-based knowledge, in conjunction with her experience with managing and displaying geographic information, has enabled her to create effective tools and information sources capable of supporting problem-solving and decision-making processes for a variety of stakeholders, from governments to NGOs to communities.

Maximiliano Laguna, Web Developer and Designer

Max Laguna is a Web and Mobile App developer with a print and marketing background. He has a proven track record bringing mobile and progressive web app projects from concept to completion. Max played a key role in the development of web and mobile projects for the Maritime and Seafood Industry Museum in Mississippi, The World Trade Center in Bogotá, Colombia and more recently the Whole Community Resilience Program in San Juan, PR. Max has a passion for innovation and creating web solutions for entrepreneurs and small businesses. 

Pedro J. Vélez Rivera, AFA, Compliance Officer, Internal Auditor

Mr. Vélez Rivera holds a B.A in Business Administration, with a concentration in accounting and over 15 years of experience in the audit, compliance, risk, and internal controls field over a variety of industries. In 2021, he joined FPR as Internal Auditor and Compliance Officer after serving as a Risk and Internal Control Manager in the Suiza Dairy Corp, where he was directly responsible for assessing the effectiveness of internal controls using integrated solutions based on an implemented risk basis approach and the organizations internal controls, operating procedures, and compliance policies and regulations. He oversaw the development and introduction of cost-effective policies and procedures based on workflows reviews.

As a Senior Internal Auditor he oversaw and conduct different types of operational audits thru units, departments and areas using integrated solutions based on an implemented risk basis approach. He also lead the audit team in special and more complex projects, including the evaluation of unusual transactions, unauthorized disbursements, and suspicious behaviors. 

Rafael Merced, Accounting Associate

Rafael Merced Martínez holds a B.A. in Business Administration, with a major in Accounting, and has been actively working in Foundation for Puerto Rico since 2019, assisting the Finance and Accounting Manager and Accounting Coordinator during the accounting process in the organization.

As part of his reponsabilities Merced assists in the payroll process and closing procedure with necessary journal entries for depreciation, prepaid, and accrued expenses. On the other hand, he has worked with the Accounts Payable process such as organizing vendor information packages, preparing and running the payment process for vendors and providing necessary assistance to the Finance and Accounting Manager during the process. He prepares the necessary reports for contributions or donations received during the year and other tasks as requested. He is experienced in working with Puerto Rico State and Local Taxes and Federal Taxes for individuals and is highly skilled in customer service.

Ramón Quiñones, Project Manager

Ramón holds a B.A. in Political Science and an MA in Social Entrepreneurship and, since 2019 has served as the project management point person on FPR’s Whole Community Resilience Planning (WCRP) program. Within WCRP, Ramón supervises a team tasked with producing high-quality resilience data tools and educational material while working closely with grant management to ensure federal compliance.

Prior to his current role in FPR, Ramón spent close to 5 years in the corporate events industry, covering various roles such as content development project manager, event technology management and support, vendor & logistics management, and attendee experience advocate for events hosted by Fortune 100 companies in the tech industry. Ramón is an adaptable professional with multicultural experience, having worked projects with diverse teams and locations (North America, Latin America, Europe, Asia & Oceania) who enjoys learning new skills and technologies.

Verónica Montalvo, Procurement Associate

Ms. Montalvo holds a B.A. in Business Administration and has been the Procurement Associate at Foundation for Puerto Rico since July 2020. Verónica has professional experience in domestic and international logistics including supply chain management, procurement/purchasing, planning and inventory management. In early 2000 while studying, she worked as Receptionist and Customer Service Coordinator at a local Customs House Broker, arranging clearance and delivery of import shipments. Later, other opportunities for professional growth arose, where Verónica continued to expand her knowledge in other fields and processes of Supply Chain Management (SCM) while working with international Freight Forwarders. On 2012, she started to work the full SCM cycle, from planning, purchasing, shipment arrangement, receiving, inventory management and delivery for Telecommunications and Medical Equipment Companies.

As Procurement Associate at Foundation for Puerto Rico, she has managed to reduce procurement costs and on time delivery of products and services by standardizing processes negotiating favorable terms and streamlining supplier channels for different Program Projects and internal purchases needs.

Yanira Rivera, Center for Innovation Manager

Ms. Rivera has a BS majoring in Industrial Engineering with experience in logistics, project estimates and sales, quality, and site/project inspection. She has demonstrated success in the development, implementation, and management of new processes to improve quality and productivity. As a part of the Center of Innovation team of Foundation for Puerto Rico (FPR), she collaborated in the selection of curriculum topics and in the recruitment of instructional designers for the Community Leadership Academy Program (Peter Alfond Foundation) that will impact community leaders, policymakers, non-profit organization staff, and small business owners.

Ms. Rivera has participated in the design and coordination of the Innovation Council event. This Council is a collaboration with multiple stakeholders with an objective to identify and implement strategic innovation opportunities in Puerto Rico. Throughout her career, she has developed measurement standards to increase production, minimize non-value-added time, and reduce costs for an industry leader in asphalt production and paving projects. 

Annie Mayol, Director

Annie Mayol is an experienced Chief Operating Officer with a demonstrated history of working in the non-profit and health care industry.  She is skilled in Government Management, Healthcare, Leadership and Policy Analysis. Previously, Mayol served as Chief Administrative Office of MSO of Puerto Rico, a Medicaid and Medicare Advantage Managed Care Company, where she managed the day to day operations of one of the top health insurance companies in the island.  Between 2006 and 2015, Annie Mayol was President and Founder of IMAGEN Strategies, a consulting firm focused on government relations, communications and strategy with clients from all around the world. During this period Mayol had the opportunity to train and capacitate women in the Middle East through a grant provided by the US Department of State. Mayol has also served as Chief of Staff for the Secretary of Health for the Puerto Rico Department of Health (PRDOH), and worked as Advisor on Federal Affairs and National Policy to the Governor of Puerto Rico, Hon. Luis Fortuño, during 2009 through 2010.  As Advisor, Mayol oversaw all federal affairs and national issues on behalf of the Governor and supervised federal programs in the various state government agencies.

During the administration of President George W. Bush, Mrs. Mayol was appointed as Regional Political Director at the White House Office of Political Affairs, overseeing the Northeast region.  In 2002, Mayol served as Director of Hispanic Outreach for the National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC), under then-Senator Bill Frist.  Mayol provided advice to all Republican Senatorial campaigns regarding Hispanic voters and acted as the key spokesperson for the NRSC in the Hispanic media.

Annie Mayol was born and raised in Puerto Rico.  She has a B.A. in Political Science from American University and a Master’s in Public Policy from the John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University.

Kathryn Wylde, Director

Kathryn Wylde is President and CEO of the nonprofit Partnership for New York City, the city’s leading business organization.  Its mission is to work with government, labor, and the civic sector to increase economic opportunity and to build a stronger New York, with a focus on education, infrastructure and the economy.

Wylde was the founding CEO of both the Partnership’s housing and investment fund affiliates.  From 1982 to 1996, she was responsible for developing and managing affordable housing and economic development programs that contributed to the renaissance of blighted urban neighborhoods across the five boroughs.  The New York City Housing Partnership was the sponsor of the city’s New Homes and Neighborhood Builders programs, producing more than 35,000 units of new, owner-occupied housing and of the Neighborhood Entrepreneurs Program, which enabled more than fifty minority and women-owned firms to purchase and rehabilitate apartment buildings that were formerly owned by the city.

From 1995-2001, Wylde worked with Henry Kravis and Jerry Speyer to establish and manage the Partnership Fund for New York City, a civic fund that was capitalized with more than $100 million in private contributions. The Fund has led successful public-private initiatives to diversify the city economy, both geographically and by sector. It built a network of business experts and investors that nurtured the growth of the city’s “innovation economy,” creating thousands of jobs and promoting entrepreneurship, with a focus on disadvantaged communities.

Wylde was named chief executive of the Partnership in 2001. Under her leadership, the business community worked with government to develop an impact assessment and response to the 9/11 terrorist attack on the World Trade Center, generating $23 billion in federal aid to support the rebuilding of Lower Manhattan. Subsequently, the Partnership has been a major source of the research and policies required to sustain New York City’s role as the world financial capital and as a global hub of high tech and life sciences. In 2017, the nation’s first Transit Innovation Partnership was established with the Metropolitan Transportation Authority, to accelerate improvement of the region’s transit system.

Wylde is an internationally known expert in housing, economic development and urban policy.  She serves on many nonprofit boards and advisory groups in New York and Puerto Rico, including the NYC Economic Development Corporation, the Fund for Public Schools, Manhattan Institute, Sponsors for Educational Opportunity (SEO), and the Governor’s NYC Regional Economic Development Council.  She has authored numerous articles, opinion and policy papers and has been recognized for her leadership by dozens of educational, professional and nonprofit institutions.

Prior to joining the Partnership, Wylde worked in senior positions at the former Anchor Savings Bank and at Lutheran Medical Center in Sunset Park, Brooklyn. She is a native of Madison, Wisconsin, a Phi Beta Kappa graduate of St. Olaf College, and resides in Brooklyn, New York, and Quebradillas, Puerto Rico.


Urrutia-Vélez brings along a solid academic background and a diverse professional exposure to sophisticated business decision-making affairs in, both local and multinational public accounting firms, government, professional and commercial organizations, private practice and academics.
Urrutia-Vélez currently leads the Risk Management Services Practice at FULCRO INSURANCE. Her professional experience includes high-profile work scenarios such as P&G, E&Y, KPMG, Puerto Rico Tourism Company, Department of Economic Development and Commerce, and as professor at the School of Business of the UPR-Río Piedras (“FAE”, for its Spanish acronym). She has served as board member of non-profit organizations such as Asesores Financieros Comunitarios, CPA Society Foundation, ABRE Puerto Rico, Teatro UPR, FAE Advisory Board, among others. She is co-founder of the Fondo de Amigos FAE to promote the academic efforts within AACSB accreditation standards.
Urrutia-Vélez served as Member of the Puerto Rico Accountancy Board 2007-2009 and as president of the Puerto Rico Society of Certified Public Accountants 2015-2016, term during which she was recognized as one of the leaders/speakers of the Private Sector Coalition.
Urrutia-Vélez holds a Master of Laws (LLM) with Honors from Northwestern University School of Law in Chicago; a Certificate in Business from IE University (formerly, Instituto de Empresa) in Madrid; a Juris Doctor from the School of Law at the University of Puerto Rico (UPR); and Bachelors in Business Administration specialized in Accounting, Magna Cum Laude, from the UPR, Río Piedras. She is a certified public accountant (“CPA”), an attorney at law admitted to practice in Puerto Rico, an Alternate Disputes Resolution – Mediator certified by the Supreme Court of Puerto Rico, and a Certified Property [Insurance] Appraiser and Umpire (“CPAU”), also admitted by the Office of the Insurance Commissioner to act as Neutral Umpire in Puerto Rico, and Associate in Insurance (“AINS”) designation. 

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