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PULSO is a program designed to help grow and transform small businesses with business training and other tools. Explore upcoming events and sign up today! 

Foundation for Puerto Rico (FPR), was awarded a $1,000,000 grant from the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) as part of the Community Navigators Pilot Program. The grant, awarded to 51 applicants nationally, is part of a $100 million initiative to provide funding to nonprofit organizations, state and local governments, universities and other entities, in partnership with the SBA, to support specific sectors of the business community as they assist in the economic recovery process. FPR officially launched this program in February 23, 2022, locally branded “PULSO”.

Witness our round table with SBA’s Associate Administrator Mark Madrid, Regional Administrator Marlene Cintron, District Director Josue Rivera, and FPR staff.

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PULSO is part of SBA’s Community Navigator Pilot Program, designed to provide small business with tools and resources to survive, grow and expand. This multi-stage business development program offers workshops and individual technical assistance from 5 leading entrepreneurial support organizations in Puerto Rico.

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In this workshop mentors from Brand of America and INprende, shared the best practices on how to successfully market and how to explore different opportunities to innovate and grow your business.


In this workshop the Latino Economic Development Center and SBA’s local district office share the different financing and access to financial capital for small businesses. Explore opportunities designed with your small business needs in mind.

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In this first workshop from the “Business 101 SeriesCentro para Emprendedores shares valuable insights and best practices when exploring new business opportunities under a new economy.

In this second workshop from the “Business 101 Series, Centro para Emprendedores explains what a customer segment is and how to leverage this understanding to not only improve your marketing strategies, but to identify new business opportunities.

In PULSO’s third workshop from the “Business 101” series, Centro para Emprendedores (CPE) explains the  differences between full time employees and professional services contractors along with the benefits from each. They also discuss other topics such as how to properly manage maternity leave, sick and vacation time.

In our last workshop from the “Business 101” series, Centro Para Emprendedores shares valuable insights about new market trends and financial capital opportunities for small businesses.

In this first workshop from the “Business plan innovation”, INprende shares valuable insights and best practices when developing the business plan that will increase your results and help you achieve your goals.

In the “Impulsa tu agronegocio”, we shared valuable insights about new trends and opportunities for small agrobusinesses with the help of two experts panels. The first panel is titled “Diversifying your agrobusiness” and the second panel “Operation optimization practices”. Both of them are led by succesful experts with knowledge of the agrobusiness in Puerto Rico. If you’re a small agrobusiness owner, this workshop will definetly help you expand your operations.

In this second workshop from the “Business plan innovation” series, INprende shares the process of validating your business commercial value which will help you decide the best course of action to achieve your business goals.

In the “Tu Conexión al Capital” we shared valuable insights about the process of understanding your business finances and how to prove their commercial value and successfully apply for any financial relief opportunity or loan.

INprende shares the process of understanding your business and how to provide all the information that can adequately define your commercial value. In addition, they review important components of a business plan, an essential part of understanding your business needs and planning for the future.

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