Ten years of milestones and impact

FPR was founded in 2011 with a belief that Puerto Rico’s socioeconomic transformation must be driven by audacious thinking that challenges the status quo. With our tenth anniversary just around the corner, let's take this opportunity to walk down memory lane, remembering some of our proudest highlights and milestones, rooted in our strategic pillars of visitor economy, strategic innovation, and resilience.
We launched ImagineSanturce, a program that united multiple citizens and organizations committed to the economic and social transformation of Santurce and sought to provide, support, influence and consolidate a sustainable, equitable and inclusive urban revitalization initiative. 
We created Campus Puerto Rico, an initiative in collaboration with the Puerto Rico Department of State and the academic sector.  Through this project, we invited more than 400 students from the U.S. and Latin America to learn about the academic experience in Puerto Rico to position ourselves as an attractive destination for thousands of students around the world.  

These are just some of the highlights in a decade of designing frameworks and implementing programs, creating tool, and sparking community dialogues that empower us to solve our most pressing challenges. Ten years in, we reinforce our commitment to mining the world for innovative pathways to build a prosperous and resilient Puerto Rico.

Join us in imagining a better puerto rico for generations to come.

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