Sustainable alternatives to eliminate waste for local restaurants

As part of the Bottom Up Destination Recovery Initiative’s efforts to promote business and community resilience, 50 Borikashi waste fermenters from Trito Agro-Industrial Services, Inc. (TAIS) will be delivered in the coming days to small businesses in the municipalities of Cabo Rojo and San Germán. The delivery will be accompanied by compostable products and recycling containers.

Through the delivery of these products, as well as guidance on its use, Bottom Up aims to encourage businesses to reuse and recycle solid waste, thus promoting the circular economy model. This initiative is based on encouraging the recycling of all our organic waste. In the particular case, the kits are intended for business owners who contribute large amounts of organic waste, such as restaurants.

TAIS is a Puerto Rican corporation dedicated to providing integrated systems for recycling, water treatment, composting and the creation of soil conditioners for clean, resistant, efficient and sustainable agriculture. Through this approach, the organization works to solve one of the most pressing problems facing our planet: the efficient and sustainable disposal of our organic waste. TAIS works to convert food waste into resources for farms. Through recycling, food waste is diverted from reaching landfills and creating a compost that feeds the local agricultural soil. From the farm to the table, and from the table to the farm This is how they created the concept of “recicloponía”.

Thanks to the collaboration between TAIS and the Foundation for Puerto Rico, more merchants will have the opportunity to recycle their waste, create compost and together with farmers promote the development of local agriculture, which contributes to the continued growth of food security on the island.

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