Local non-profits join Amazon Smile

It is well said that in union, there is strength. Proof of this is the achievement that the Food Bank of Puerto Rico, United Way and Foundation for Puerto Rico (FPR) have obtained in their efforts to maximize the aid resources available to address the needs of vulnerable populations in Puerto Rico.

Recently, the Food Bank led this joint effort, with the purpose of including non-profit organizations in U.S. territories, among the entities eligible to participate in the funds available through the Amazon Smile program. Today, this is a reality, and the more than 4,000 nonprofit organizations that work every day to forge a better Puerto Rico will be able to participate for the first time in this program that allows them to raise funds for their operations and initiatives. The formal petition to extend the reach of the Amazon Smile Foundation was presented in a statement signed jointly by the three entities and endorsed by the Office of the Resident Commissioner, Hon. Jenniffer González.

Through this link, people can participate directly to support FPR while they make their Christmas purchases, of which 0.5% will be automatically allocated to the organization.

"Today, more than ever, the work that our organization does is vital for our Island. Allowing us to have access to initiatives such as Amazon Smile, expands the opportunities for the services we offer to continue, and our impact will be greater," said Annie Mayol, president of FPR.

Since 2013, through its Amazon Smile program, the Amazon company has donated more than $215M to a variety of charitable projects. The program achieves great outreach by providing a contribution of 0.5% of all eligible purchases. In addition, it allows you to select from a wide variety of entities easily and automatically when making your online purchases, just by visiting Amazon Smile.

If you represent a non-profit organization, you can register your organization in five simple steps:

  1. Visit org.amazon.com/signout

  2. Click the yellow “Register Now” button

  3. Search for your organization by name or EIN

  4. Click the yellow “Register” button next to your organization’s name

  5. Follow the instructions to complete registration

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