Digital Engagement Report October 2018


Given the continuous technological evolution in this digital era, tourism activity is increasingly interconnected and improving. The different ways in which a traveler interacts in this activity have shaped as a result of the digital presence. The means by which that inspiration is created to travel to a destination and the different methods to plan, reserve, and share are just some of the examples of how the Information and Communications Technology (ITC’s) have changed the experience within the visitor economy. Indeed, this presents various opportunities for businesses that actively participate in the visitor economy. In this report, the Foundation for Puerto Rico (FPR) presents data that can serve as a guide to raise awareness and appreciation of the importance of digital presence to Puerto Rico.


  • Introduces the Visitor Information and Experience Warehouse of Puerto Rico (VIEWPR), a new digital platform that adds, validates, catalogs, stores, and shares geographic information about Puerto Rico’s tourism.
  • Presents a preliminary case study of local small business in digital travel platforms.
  • Proposes a series of digital engagement workshops and technical assistance for business owners so they can know the importance of digital presence and be able to get their business in the leading travel platforms.