What is the biological border model?

During the first session of a series of conversations on the reopening of the economy in Puerto Rico and COVID-19 pandemic, Ana Lopez, VP of Development & Communications, talks with Jon Borschow, about Foundation for Puerto Rico’s proposal of a biological border that would allow to avoid the arrival of additional cases of the virus. 

As an island, Puerto Rico is in a privileged position, since its only point of entry is through the Luis Muñoz Marín International Airport. Given the cooperation of Puerto Ricans and the government’s measures to control the spread of the virus, the island is in the lead in reviving the economy and, consequently, tourism. “If we organize ourselves with all the requirements including this biological border, many visitors can come and our economy can have a resurgence,” Borschow said. 

Currently, the international airport has a first base for a biological barrier: immunological tests and a small interview with passengers are done at random. However, the proposal suggests molecular testing of all passengers, a quarantine protocol for positive cases, and contact tracing. 

To continue reopening the economy and reactivating tourism in a safe manner, the biological border is essential, says Borschow. “Puerto Rico cannot afford, from both an economic and a public health standpoint, […] to go back into quarantine.” The proposal calls for collaborative implementation between the government, the airport, the island’s future points of entry and the private sector. 

With the mission of transforming Puerto Rico into a destination for the world, Foundation for Puerto Rico is confident that the border will serve as a catalyst for an increase in travel, in which visitors feel confident and safe. 

Next Thursday, the Puerto Rico Science, Technology & Research Trust will elaborate on contact tracing, an essential component in the biological frontier model proposed by Foundation for Puerto Rico. Tune in to our Facebook Live! 

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