Traveling in COVID-19: Best Practices for Travelers

People are eager to travel. However, before the COVID-19, tourism is on hold. Arnaldo Santiago, expert traveler, social media influencer, and founder of Diary of Trips, elaborates on the panorama for travel lovers in times of COVID-19, as part of our conversations Stay Open, Stay Safe.

Through his Diary of Trips platform, Arnaldo invites his 350,000 followers (many of them travelers), to explore their destinations in non-traditional ways. Given the new trends in the tourism sector, where people prefer local and cultural experiences beyond formal tourism, Diary of Trips offers innovative and timely recommendations on how to travel.

In times of pandemic, this activity is made difficult. Arnaldo doubts he will be able to travel in the next three months. “If you want to make a leisure trip, my first advice would be to hold on,” recommends Santiago.  

Although he does not urge travel at this time, the entrepreneur encourages Boricuas to continue exploring the island and staying in hotels, as he is confident in the ability to sustain the tourism sector with local support. This is if the rules are followed and conglomerations are avoided, even those that take place outdoors. 

Santiago also highlights the security measures implemented at the airport to prevent the spread of the virus. “The airport in Puerto Rico is, without a doubt, one of the best that is dealing with this pandemic situation,” says Santiago.  

As of July 15, all visitors must always wear a mask, evidence a negative molecular test result and fill out a Travel Declaration form for contact tracing.   

“We should start creating that awareness system,” Santiago concludes, as he believes it is everyone’s responsibility to stay safe and healthy during the reopening. 

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