Puerto Rico faces another natural disaster

Puerto Rico has declared a state of emergency after being struck by a 6.4 magnitude earthquake, among a series of earthquakes and tremors that are expected to continue for days. 

Significant damage, island-wide power outages, hundreds of thousands without water, and at least one death have been reported so far. While we work to assess the full extent of the destruction and the necessary response, one thing is clear: the crisis will not end when power is restored. 

Two years after Hurricane Maria and we are still waiting on billions of dollars of promised aid. We know that the speedy response to this latest disaster must be led by Puerto Ricans on the ground. Foundation for Puerto Rico stands ready to work with our partners here and around the world to fill the gaps and ensure a full recovery that leaves our communities more resilient than before. 

It’s at this moment that we would like to thank those partners who make our work possible through their ongoing support. Over the coming days, weeks, and months, we pledge to continue providing regular updates for ways to help the areas, individuals, and businesses most impacted by the earthquake and in need of assistance during the recovery process. 

With gratitude, 

Annie Mayol 
President, Foundation for Puerto Rico

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