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It’s been 10 years since Jon Borschow decided to establish Foundation for Puerto Rico to seek innovative solutions to the socioeconomic problems facing the island after the expiration of Section 936 incentives. A decade later, we continue to work towards our mission of transforming Puerto Rico into a thriving and sustainable economy.

Our motto, “There is no future in rebuilding the past,” reflects our transformative vision and dream of a prosperous Puerto Rico that unleashes the talent, creativity and passion of its people.

We believe that sustainable economic development through initiatives focused on strategic innovation and the visitor economy is the most direct path to a prosperous Puerto Rico. And, as Hurricane Maria demonstrated, resilience is critical to our long-term socioeconomic development.

Over the years, we have directly supported more than 850 small businesses and 540 NGOs and collaborated with more than 100 local and national non-governmental organizations.

From our office in the heart of Santurce – El Colaboratorio – we promote the incubation of new nonprofit organizations, the collaboration of different sectors and the sharing of new ideas. Two days after Hurricane Maria hit, we opened El Colaboratorio to more than 180 organizations, which for months used the space as a command center, and from which more than 250 rescue and recovery missions were launched.

Today, we have a team of 54 talented Puerto Ricans, including community leaders and organizers, researchers, data analysts, planners, lawyers, communicators, social workers and geographers, who enjoy a high and proven reputation.

We currently operate several programs in more than 17 municipalities in Puerto Rico, outside the metropolitan area. Our work and accomplishments include: providing 61,000 hours of business education to over 600 small businesses; facilitating thousands of hours of operational and fiscal training for over 540 regional NGOs; donating over 2,000 resilience products to better withstand future climate shocks; providing seed capital to incubate or strengthen 35 new businesses in the visitor economy; revitalizing assets through grants and multi-sector collaboration. Two recent examples include a grant of $11,370 for the revitalization of the Guajataca Tunnel, and another of $125,000 for the reopening of the Camuy River Cave Park. And in two years of running the Whole Community Resilience Planning program, we have had operational growth, developed and launched free data tools to empower communities, and even held a community resilience conference—all the while receiving feedback from diverse groups to improve all aspects of the program. Soon, we will be announcing details on how to apply. 

Learn more about our organization, our work, and our great team by visiting our new website, and subscribe to our newsletter to keep up to date with all the new developments within FPR.

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