Destination Plan for Aguadilla & Isabela

This Destination Plan, co-designed with the community, provides a set of a comprehensive and strategic starting points for investment and policies aimed at improving the assets that make each region unique. The assessments outlined here upends traditional planning processes by focusing on a mix of interventions that reflect a gap assessment, community consensus, the possibility of resource allocation, and the presence of potential stakeholder champions. The approach is comprehensive because growth in the visitor economy is a complex process that cannot be accomplished through a single project.

This Plan offers a blueprint for efforts driven by a mixed coalition of community stakeholders and island-wide partners to improve the supply of offerings and grow visitation to the region. In addition, it encourages stewardship of projects by and for local communities and supports their efforts to gain experience through smaller projects while simultaneously supporting improvements in administrative structures that will help them be prepared to advance major initiatives over time. A bottom-up approach recognizes the crucial role that businesses, asset managers, and key tourism stakeholders play in successful destination tourism efforts.

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