Boosting economic development through digital commerce

In a crisis, the one who has the capacity to adapt survives. The world has faced constant change throughout history. However, the current scenario, where social distancing prevents the ability of a brand or business to interact directly with the consumer, has caused a sudden change in the way of doing business. Today, the crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the digitalization of Puerto Rico.

As stated in an article published by El Nuevo Día, Alan Taveras, co-founder of Brands of Puerto Rico, “this crisis represents an opportunity for small and medium businesses and for Puerto Rico to insert itself in the digital economy through cross-border e-commerce.

With the mission of supporting small businesses, a vital sector for our economy, Brands of Puerto Rico joined the municipality of Caguas to launch Pueblos, a technological tool that aims to boost economic development through digital commerce, while supporting municipalities in the visibility of their economic activity. “The biggest benefit is that the small businesses are inserted in a marketplace with high traffic of consumers looking for local products while using the Puerto Rico E-Fulfillment Center for the completion of their online sales. For us, it is an honor to launch this project together with Caguas, a municipality that is a leader in economic development and innovation,” added Taveras.

Through Pueblos, the municipalities and their economic development offices will have real-time metrics of revenue, sales and business growth. In addition, the program integrates elements of vital importance for the development of any business in the digital realm such as technology, metrics and training needed to boost entrepreneurs and encourage the creation of new regional businesses.

The tool will be accessible through a new section on the Brands of Puerto Rico website, where each municipality that wishes to be part of the initiative will have a virtual store. The variety and quantity of items available will depend on how many entrepreneurs join the platform. Currently, some of the products available are Agustino Foods, Tortillas Doña Lola, Dulces La Fe, Telaraña, Libros HZR and Flor Silvestre, among others. 

The public can purchase them from the comfort of their home and support the small businesses of Caguas here.

Brands of Puerto Rico is a digital tool to boost the country’s economy. The platform enables Puerto Rican entrepreneurs to market their products to the world. For the past three years, Brands of Puerto Rico has been an ally and collaborator of Foundation for Puerto Rico, offering digital training workshops through the Bottom Up Destination Recovery Initiative. To see the latest virtual workshop on digital presence – How to create an online business – click here.

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