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Foundation for Puerto Rico (FPR) has partnered with other Puerto Rican non-profits, including ConPRometidos, Grupo Guayacán, Centro Para Emprendedores, and Causa Local, to launch an online call to action so US residents can advocate ensuring Puerto Rico and other territories are not left out of any current or future COVID-19 legislation. Even though a deal was reached last night in Congress, the specific language has yet to be drafted, and it’s crucial that it explicitly includes Puerto Rico and other territories in the provisions. If you or someone in your family or network is living stateside, please click and share this link to send a letter directly to your representatives in Congress to ensure that they #IncludePuertoRico in COVID-19 legislation.

FPR is committed to supporting Puerto Rico’s economic development during this pandemic crisis.

We have quickly shifted our programs to be delivered digitally and are supporting businesses with information, resources, and technical assistance. We are also working with stakeholders at the local level to drive equitable policy that will help small businesses stay afloat. Here are some of our initiatives:

  • FPR and its partners published an opinion piece this past weekend in El Nuevo Día with recommendations for how our local government needs to support the small business ecosystem in Puerto Rico. Read our column in Spanish here.

  • We’ve partnered with Colmena 66 to collect information on business needs during the COVID-19 emergency. If you are a business owner in Puerto Rico, please visit Levanta Tu Negocio and fill out this form. If you know a business owner, please send it to them! This will help us understand how to prioritize our efforts as the situation continues to unfold.

  • Lastly, we’ve launched a new tab within our website where we’ll be aggregating important resources and information in both English and Spanish to support small businesses during this crisis. For regular updates, including programs available to provide financial support, new aid, incentives announced this week by Puerto Rico’s governor, and more, please visit our new page.

A message from our President & COO, Annie Mayol

The world is going through one of the most difficult times in the last decade. In the case of Puerto Rico, we are faced with this unexpected crisis after being hit by one of the worst hurricanes in Puerto Rico's history and our first 6.4 magnitude earthquake. The entire island is concerned and thinking about how we're going to be able to recover from this. Surely the world's economy is going to go into a recession and the recovery process could take a great deal of time. Still, we are a resilient community.

Foundation for Puerto Rico has taken the necessary steps to ensure we continue to support our communities and those most in need. This is more important today than ever before.

First, I have to thank and recognize the amazing work that FPR’s staff has been doing. This first week has shown us that our organization can continue to implement its mission of supporting our communities and Puerto Rico from our homes.

Second, I'm impressed by our programmatic teams' ability to quickly make the necessary changes to migrate our programs online and be able to provide services to our community stakeholders remotely, using digital platforms. I am proud to say that on March 14, we launched a digital version of the Emprende 360° program to help entrepreneurs in Ponce and Coamo continue to work on the development of their business ideas without any interruption. Our goal is to create 15 new businesses by 2021 and are on our way.

I ask that people stay home and continue to focus on the health care of our residents, and for the Government and NGOs on the island, that we unite forces to ensure we can drive a quicker recovery for Puerto Rico.

Three quick ways to help today!

  1. If you live in the Statessend our letter to your representatives.

  2. Do you have expertise in a field and would like to host a webinar for small businesses? Send us a note at info@foundationpr.org.

  3. Make a gift so we can keep supporting small businesses.

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