Center for Strategic Innovation

The Strategic Innovation Center looks to achieve transformative changes in Puerto Rico through research and intersectional alliances.

This is proof of Foundation for Puerto Rico’s role as a catalyst for initiatives focused on developing innovative ideas and driving high-impact projects.

The Center will promote the creation of strategic partnerships to share information between the private sector, nonprofits, government, academia, community leaders, and individuals, united in the mission of looking into forward-looking solutions to our most pressing challenges.

This initiative is led by attorney Alexandra Lúgaro, who joins the Foundation for Puerto Rico team as Executive Director of the Center. Read more about Alexandra here.

our goals

The Center looks to position Puerto Rico in a better position to face and triumph over the challenges of the modern world. This will require the innovation not just of ideas, but also of processes, products, and methodologies. These get adopted through changes in public policy and the training of transformational leaders of a country. Without innovation, which requires investigation, collaboration, and the development of evidence-based models, we cannot aspire to sustainable models for economic growth. 

our approach and core focus


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