Data That Drives The Visitor Economy

VIEWPR is a one-stop-shop digital platform for tourism operators and travel distributors with the mission to show the world all the experiences Puerto Rico has to offer.  VIEWPR serves as a public utility that will help attract global visitors and encourage them to explore Puerto Rico, improving our economic activity. The platform will aggregate, enhance, and validate information about destinations, points of interest and experiences, empowering community members, businesses and government to manage their online information.

Currently, more than 65% of travelers research online before they decide where or how they want to travel. When they look for experiences in Puerto Rico, not all of it is available online, and those that are available are dispersed in multiple websites where most of it is in Spanish.

VIEWPR partners and receives information from multiple travel platforms, apps and data sources to consistently update all of its data, supplying partners and global travel aggregators with reliable information which they can display to potential visitors within their user base. This information flow will allow us to capture visitor profiles and activity necessary to measure the results of strategic initiatives and the socio-economic impact of the Visitor Economy in Puerto Rico.

When online platforms have a bigger travel inventory, travelers have more options and therefore plan longer stays, increasing the economic benefits to the regions where they travel.


Data Initiatives 

To ensure that the platforms stay alive and current with authentic experiences we are consistently engaging the following groups through different initiatives:

FPR Team: By combining automatic validation tools with talented resources we are discovering, monitoring and updating destination information.

Community: Individuals who are passionate about exploring and discovering all that Puerto Rico can offer. Ambassadors become economic citizens by sharing information on new  discoveries they have made. One of our strategic initiatives is called “Mapa Comunitario de Activos

Academia: We are collaborating with students and professors from Universidad del Este and Sistema Universitario Ana G. Mendez to:

  • Research, analyze and document PR’s tourism supply.
  • The development of tourism networks and routes by region.

Entrepreneurs and Professionals: We will celebrate an event that aims to create awareness about the untapped potential opportunities around the Visitor Economy for technology and entrepreneurship.

Direct Benefits

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