Our Second Annual Foundation for Puerto Rico Golf Tournament, dedicated to Iván “Pudge” Rodíguez, was a BIG success!!  The event attracted over 150 participants from Puerto Rico and the continental United States, who spent a wonderful day golfing for a cause in the renowned St. Regis Bahía Beach Resort and Golf Club this past Friday, May 5th.

Thanks to the generous contribution of our sponsors, Foundation for Puerto Rico can continue to develop programs such as VIEWPR, which is a digital platform that aggregates, enhances, and stores the information of thousands of local points of interest and activities that visitors could enjoy across the island.  Our immediate goal is to map and digitalize all of Puerto Rico and upload the data to online travel platforms like Google, Trip Advisor, Yelp, and others, which will in turn make the information visible throughout the world and inspire potential travelers to visit the island.

Foundation for Puerto Rico strongly believes that the path of least resistance and struggle to revitalizing Puerto Rico’s economy is to promote the visitor economy. Puerto Rico already counts with the vital assets to be a premier destination for the world, such as a developed infrastructure, an outstanding natural beauty, and a rich culture – we simply need to make ourselves known across the world. The contribution of our sponsors and participants of this Golf Tournament permits us do exactly that, and it also sends a message of unity, encouragement and support to all those small business owners that are working for the betterment of Puerto Rico. This contribution tells the small business owner trying to revitalize her community; the chef working hard to put the island’s gastronomy on the map; the muralists who bring beauty to the walls that line their neighborhoods; the hotel owner who takes upon himself to be the best possible ambassador of his island; the playwright who stands up for his people at any given opportunity… that they are not alone in working for the betterment of Puerto Rico.

To all of our Sponsors and Player, please receive a big thank you from all of us at the Golf Tournament Steering Committee, and from all our Board Members, Associates and Volunteers at Foundation for Puerto Rico.

¡Muchas gracias!

Nannette Rosa-Collazo,
Relations & Development Manager

The Winners

We present our 2017 Tournament Winners: (from left to right) 

First Gross: Robert Martínez, Ramón Anchia, Robert Hernández, and Chu Medina
First Net: Ralphie Quilez, Jorge Tartak, Arturo Cortés, and Víctor Carrión

Second Gross: Martin Smith, Joshua McNeely, Mario Torrech, and Javier De Zengotita
Second Net: Isabel Rullán, Antonio Barreiro, Gabriel Albino, and Juan Gabriel Rullán

Third Gross:Juan Ramos, Juanchi Ramos, Luis Lomba, and Javier Morales
Third Net: Billy Garitty, Carlos Varona, Wiso Morales, and Iván Fernández

Our Sponsors

See you next year!

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