ImagineSanturce is a citizen action effort that seeks to connect, promote, and incubate existing and emerging initiatives in Santurce that fosters its economic, social, environmental, and cultural rebirth for a sustainable, inclusive, and equitable urban revitalization. Since 2013, Foundation for Puerto Rico has been working together with multiple citizens and organizations committed to the urban revitalization of Santurce.

Within the development of Santurce as an urban center, ImagineSanturce works on a number of focus areas, in which projects, ideas and new business models are being developed.

ImagineSanturce celebrated its first anniversary with the ‘Fiestas del Barrio Cangrejos’ in Ponce de León Avenue. The festival coincided with the 241 anniversary of the establishment of Barrio San Mateo de Cangrejos, known today as Santurce.

Among the artists and participating groups: Andy Montañez, Viento de Agua, Pleneros Los Compadres, Pleneros de la Cresta, Bomba Ausuba and Circo Nacional. There were also artistic performances by students of Bachillerato de Danza of the University of the Sacred Heart with Danza 21and Proyecto Cedice in collaboration with students from the Central School for Visual Arts. In addition, students of the Central School of Visual Arts and historians Lester Nurse Angel “Chuco” Quintero, Lilliana Cotto and Ricardo Alvarez offered a historical perspective on the evolution of Santurce.