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Finding My Purpose


por Giselle Nevares, Gerente de Programas en FPR

During my “Meaning of Life” years I often asked myself: “What is my purpose in life and how can I work on something really meaningful where I feel fulfilled?” Since I graduated from college, I have worked at a bank, an auditing firm, a real estate company, even at a plastic surgeons office (that was crazy!!)… Not to say that I haven’t appreciated working in these past organizations, some were very enjoyable jobs, others were horrendous, and I felt like stuck in a bottomless pit without any hope of getting out. I have, however, never enjoyed anything more than working at Foundation for Puerto Rico.

Here are the reasons why:

1. It’s not a money making machine where you are just a number stuck working for “The man”.
2. I get to be part of a greater cause, a movement focused on Puerto Rico’s future, which is great because this generates positive energy.
3. My fellow coworkers are all about collaboration and teamwork, which is how it should be… everywhere, always!
4. I am given the leeway of gravitating towards different projects where my strengths are better suited for.
Right about now you are thinking: “How can I find something meaningful for myself?”

This WILL happen, IF you try looking for new things that are not of the status quo.

Find out more info about nonprofit organizations in P.R. You never know if they are looking for someone who fits your exact skillset. Take continuous education seminars. Learn new things so you have a better chance to find something better & greater. Volunteer at a nonprofit organization. You never know the connections you can make and the opportunities that can arise from volunteering. Start saving up money so you can start a business. Be your own boss!