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Shape Your Mindset & Drive Puerto Rico Towards Globalization

por Felipe Castro Quiles

Throughout my entrepreneurial existence I have experienced both the business environments of some of the greatest economic superpowers, and the weakest economies in the globe. From nations as divergent as Germany and Haiti, or U.S.A. and Romania, I have acquired a distinct sense of global vision that brought me back to Puerto Rico.

Therefore, despite understanding that my own opinion is never more than that, I will enumerate some advises that might structure the business behavior of those who genuinely chase a space in what I consider, the world’s new Era of business.

The following simple, yet structured thoughts pretend to broaden the sense of patriotic and social compromise each and every citizen of Puerto Rico should embrace to assure strategic positioning among the emerging developing economies of globalization:

 Complaining will only delay your achievements.

All of us experience the iniquities of life one-way or the other. Whether you were born in the opulence of a privileged family in your country, or the first in line to inherit the numerous debts of your parents, you will never achieve a thing by complaining. Even more, as Stephen Hawking one stated, “People won’t have time for you if you are always angry or complaining.”

Thus, instead of shouting out all your mischiefs, roll up your sleeves and start working for positively structuring your situation and that of those that surround you. 

No other person will help humanity advance more than you.

Nowadays, it is typical to be surrounded by people in big cities, such as NYC, feeling completely desolate and detached. Regardless of the fact that technology is connecting human beings in an astonishing fast-pace, and the human race is advancing into a web-age that will admit everyone at anytime, we still behave in a natural state of independence that stops us all from growing at the same pace.

Hence, you need to start devising the perfect way to plot your evolution. At the end, the world will continue to function without you; it is imperative that you start structuring your own way of helping your fellow beings advance.

Education & knowledge equals advantage

Kofi Annan once declared that, “Knowledge is power. Information is liberating. Education is the premise of progress, in every society, in every family.” Consequently, there is no easier way to explain my postulate other than emphasizing the advances that common knowledge has contributed to the occlusion of stagnation. For example: 1) the African American community in attained justice through the single weapon of education; 2) women have reached a high level of rightful equality; 3) the LGBT community has earned a much-deserved place in modern society; etc.

Accordingly, it is your duty to educate yourself to pertain to an international liberating trend that will expand throughout the years to come, and searches human equality in the broadest sense of the word. Puerto Rico will transition into a member of the global community if education is preeminent in society; you are responsible for your education, and your education responsible for collective development.  

We are all “in the same boat.”

Uruguayan President José Mujica asserted that, “…globalization includes us all, we are in the same boat “,” we must learn to include diversity in this world, and it is difficult “, ” It is difficult because we are slaves to our visions.” Our destiny will be fulfilled only if we understand our strengths, weaknesses, threats, and opportunities. We are not alone in this world, will never be, and therefore can’t consider ourselves above or bellow any other government, group, or ethnicity.

If we learn to identify our strength, reduce our weaknesses, monitor our threats, and chase our opportunities our journey to become a World Class Country will be pleasant and definitive.

For this reason, motivate yourself to the task of opening yourself to the world; connect with people that share your same objectives, and meet citizens of other cultures, races, and ethnicities. By this, you will be able to recognize your social value and understand that of the other citizens of the world.

Share your life and be the change.

Additionally, there is nothing better than word-of-mouth to spread your attributes! Without a doubt, Puerto Rico has a vast amount of attractions, advantages, and offerings, do not expect them to be diffused only by the government. To get them known, just express your thoughts, communicate them, and embellish your life with the paradigm of globalization.

At last, join those who want to make a meaningful difference in the world, the Island, and their lives. The future of our precious “Isla del Encanto” will welcome you. Do us all a favor and, “Be the change that you want to see in the world.” (Mahatma Gandhi)     


Felipe Castro Quiles se inspiró por nuestra serie “¡Mamá!   ¡Borinquen me llama!” y preguntó si podíamos compartir su columna en nuestro blog. Felipe es puertorriqueño y regresó de Miami porque reconoce las oportunidades en Puerto Rico y quiere ejercer su responsabilidad como ciudadano.